Marching Band Music

Marching Band compositions and arrangements fall into one of these categories:

  1. Commissions for original marching band compositions for your ensemble.
  2. Purchasing a pre-existing original marching band composition.
  3. Commissioning an arrangement of repertoire that is already composed and requires copyright permission.

Please contact to inquire about commissions
and arrangement details.

Regarding marching band arrangements, you can choose any music selection you wish, pending copyright approval, and I will work with you to arrange it to fit your show concepts. You must obtain copyright permission for all music (that is not original or Public Domain) you wish to have arranged. To expedite this process I recommend going through Jeni Paulson at

I collaborate with percussion arranger Bret Kuhn in crafting many of his show designs and arrangements (unless otherwise noted). Bret provides full scoring for the entire percussion ensemble at the highest level and to fit the technical needs of your ensemble. You can learn more about Bret here.

Music for Marching Band